Flavor. Value. Quality.
Delivered always fresh, never frozen, and cut to order.

The Best Beef
Our beef is 100% grain-fed American USDA Choice steer, 30 months or younger. It’s hand-cut within 48 hours of slaughter by our own team of skilled butchers for the best yield, texture and tenderness.

The Best Flavors
Bea’s Best boasts a variety of flavors. It’s what sets us apart. We use only the highest quality meats and seasonings—herbs and spices in the old world tradition—which is what delivers our uniquely delicious flavors. No matter what the palate there’s something to suit every taste. And if your tastes run to something out-of-the-ordinary we’ll partner with you to deliver the perfect flavor profiles for your market. Absolutely delicious!

The Best Value
For the very best in consistency and value, we buy direct from Midwest steer slaughterers and bone our own briskets.

The Best Selection
We have any cut your customers could want, any way they want it. We do everything possible to corn beef. Any possible way corn beef can be made, we make it. Whether raw, cooked, whole, or sliced, we offer specifically sized cuts for foodservice, retail, restaurant, deli, grocery store and warehouse clubs.

The Best Packaging
Bea’s Best offers the widest, most attractive, customer-friendly packaging solutions in the business. We offer retail microwavable, easy-open single serving packages, pegable plastic packages, foodservice sized packages, plastic pails, boxes, and keg barrels.

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